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   To broaden your vision of the world of plants and things that are around, our association suggests some links below that we found useful and interesting.

Good exploring

- Muséum nationale d'Histoire naturelle de Paris : www.mnhn.fr
The treasures of the Museum of the old royal garden of medicinal plants. Over 350 years of natural history.

- Société nationale d'Horticulture de France : www.snhf.org
Founded in 1827, the National Horticultural Society of France's mission is to promote horticulture and participate, among others, shares in favor of knowledge and protection of plant heritage and enhance the garden art.

- C.C.V.S. "Conservatoire des Collections végétales spécialisées" : www.ccvs-france.org
Created in 1989 at the initiative of scientists and amateur enthusiasts, the CCVS Its's objectives are to bring together all those who wish to work against the disappearance of plant biodiversity.

- La Roseraie du Val de Marne : www.roseraieduvaldemarne.com
The first occidental rose garden designed in 1899 by Edouard Andre, is a true living conservatory of old roses.

- "Plantes Plaisirs Passions" - Château de La Roche Guyon - Val d'Oise : www.plantesplaisirspassions.com

Festival of Plants and the art of living in the garden. Fabulous encounter between a beautiful garden and a high historic location.

- Jardin du Château de Valmer - Touraine : www.chateaudevalmer.com
The park and the castle gardens of Valmer unfold in a remarkable place, on a hillside overlooking the valley of the Brenne.
The discovery of the garden is still amazing.

- Le Château de Courson - Essonne : www.domaine-de-courson.fr
Days Courson Plant are held twice a year in spring and autumn in the park of Domaine de Courson. Discover plants and ornamental flowers, bulbs, clematis, iris, peonies ...

- Saint Jean de Beauregard - Essonne : www.domsaintjeanbeauregard.com
Renowned for its festivals of plants, the area of Saint Jean de Beauregard offers a panoramic view over the valley Sallemouille.

- Le potager du Roi - Versailles - Yvelines : www.potager-du-roi.fr
Day of the garden and "Words of goodies".
Held the first weekend of October, this event stimulates your senses and awaken your appetite.

- Royal Horticultural Society : www.rhs.org.uk
The Royal Horticultural Society founded in 1804 is at the heart of London, close to Buckingham, Whitehall and Westminster Cathedral.

- Chelsea Flower Show - Royal Hospital Chelsea SW3 4S LONDRES : www.rhs.org.uk/Shows-Events/RHS-Chelsea-Flower-Show/2011
On 45 000 m2, this flower show is organized by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), an association involved in the promotion of gardening raised to the rank of floral art.

- Journées des Plantes de Beervelde - Belgique : www.parcdebeervelde.be
The days of Beervelde offer twice a year opportunity to discover a wide array of horticulturists and nurserymen from belgium and from other countries.